Posted November 1st, 2009 by Peanut

Lakers  are playing this  year.They won the championship for 2009.Go to kobe bryant and lamar odom’s websites.I like Kobe,Pau  and Lamar.The newest player of the geme is Ron Artest.My grandpa call him ron ortiz cause he is Mexican  and he also likes the lakers like my uncle.20090512_zaf_v09_007.jpglakers1

11 Responses to “Lakers”

  1. Fred

    They’re repeating again baby! WOO HOO!!! GO LAKERS!!! Champs!

    Rhianna doesn’t even like the Lakers. She thinks they have cooties and are ugly! She likes the Clippers! Ha Ha!

  2. Peanut

    Fredward Tenticals i do like th lakers if i did not how would i know their names!?!Like Kobe Bryant,Pau Gasol,Lamar Odom,Derek Fisher well all the other guys too.We do not like the Clippers.I don’t like them nobody in the Esparza or the Kennedy family or anybody we know likes the clippers.

  3. Nikadee

    Now who posted this, Ashlyn, or freddie?

  4. Fred

    Ashlyn did. She learned how to place links in her post today!

  5. Peanut

    HI Nickalodian,
    I wrot the post I new Freddy was going to write something mean.I do not no why he is like that.I’m 100% sure he is mean or I could be 101% sure!!He is cool cause he has DJ hero,guitar hero,rockband 1,2&the two other two that came out befor rockband 2 & the other vidio games.

  6. Peanut

    I forgot to put a e in the word wrote.SORRY!!-ash

  7. Fred

    Mean? What did I write that was mean?

  8. Peanut

    Be guiet Fredward!

  9. Peanut

    Be guiet Fredward!

  10. Peanut

    Be quiet Fredward!

  11. Peanut

    Go lakers!(not clippers freddie). If you say something like that again you owe me $1000000000 dollars.p.a Oh, yeah do not talk in your sleep ok like the time you spent the night at my house and said “there is a baby with a bazooka behind me about to shoot me!!_ashlyn_k

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